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    Map Library – United States

    Find different printable maps of each state in the U.S. There are physical maps, maps with capitals,... read more

    Map Library

    Browse through a selection of printable maps of the U.S. states, U.S. regions, continents, and more.... read more

    Forecasting the Future

    Students will learn about population estimates and projections, and how to compare projection types. Provided by the U. S. Census Bureau. read more

    Future Focus

    Students will explore the significance of census data and design advertisements that will help people to respond to the census. read more

    Size it Up!

    Children will use a cartogram, synthesize information from more than one map, and draw conclusions about population density. read more

    Graph It!

    Students will evaluate and display data they gathered from a "mock" census form. read more

    Making Plans

    Students will use real-life problem-solving skills to select a site for a new school by using census-style data. read more

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