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    The Ghost Map Readers Guide

    The Ghost Map tells the story of the 1854 London cholera epidemic, and how it changed science, citie... read more

    Romeo and Juliet Curriculum Guide

    Introduce Romeo and Juliet to high school students through performance-based teaching strategies. Th... read more

    A Midsummer Night's Dream Curriculum Guide

    Use performance-based teaching techniques to unlock the language of Shakespeare's romantic comedy A ... read more

    Hamlet Curriculum Guide

    Actively engage students in the text of Shakespeare's Hamlet with the resources in this curriculum g... read more

    Guy Fawkes Day Quiz

    See how much your students know about Guy Fawkes Day (November 5) and the gunpowder plot of 1605. Test their knowledge with this quiz. read more

    First Fleet

    Students will write an essay imagining they traveled to Australia with the First Fleet. read more

    Prime Minister Profile

    To complete this activity, pupils research a prime minister of their choice. Pupils will learn about... read more

    Australia's First Governors

    Learn about the history of governors in Australia with this research and writing activity. Pupils wi... read more

    Famous Shipwrecks

    Study the cause, location, and date of five famous shipwrecks in transportation history. Children wi... read more

    Battle of the Somme Quiz

    Use this printable quiz to review with your class the Battle of the Somme, one of the biggest battle... read more

    Guy Fawkes Night

    Have pupils use the Internet and other resources to research Guy Fawkes Night. Then, they will fill ... read more

    Michaelmas Traditions Quiz

    In this printable quiz, pupils will answer questions about traditions associated with Michaelmas Day... read more

    Royal Families of Europe

    Pupils will learn about world history, from the Capets of France to the Windsors of England, as they... read more

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