Substitute Holiday Parties with Pinterest-Inspired Crafts and Stories (Even at Home)

It is that time of year again—to deck the classroom halls or your home's walls with holiday swag and artwork. What better way to get into the holiday spirit class than to do arts and crafts with your students? Veteran teacher, Amber, shares 5 diverse and inspired ideas that are sure to get you and your students into the holiday spirit!

Holiday Classroom Crafts

Crafts are fun and holidays fantastic when celebrated, but the December holidays are even more magical than most. To jumpstart your curriculum planning before holiday break, here are some great ways to incorporate arts and crafts into your reading block or reader's workshop time. All of these ideas come from Pinterest and can be easily found through the links provided.

Candy Cane Elf

By now, most of us are all too familiar with the Elf on the Shelf? Well, this Candy Cane Elf craft would be a great activity to do after reading the story with your younger students. The Elf on the Shelf encourages children to behave throughout the day, because Santa’s little helpers (the elves) are always watching over the children and relaying information about their behavior back to Santa. This craft would also be adorable as decorations on a Christmas tree! For this craft, all you need is: glue, construction paper or foam, and candy canes. You can also buy the whole craft set from Oriental Trading. Source: Pinterest

Kwanzaa Hat

Make it an annual tradition to educate children about African heritage by celebrating Kwanzaa for a whole week or just a couple of days during the holiday season. Make the celebration even more special with this Kwanzaa hat craft activity, after reading Li'l Rabbit's Kwanzaa by Donna L. Washington with the class. Not only will you be teaching children about the Kwanzaa traditions, but also about African culture. For this craft, all you need is construction paper, tape or glue, and a stapler. Source: Pinterest

Paper Chain Christmas Countdown

Help children count down how many days are left until Christmas with this paper chain craft, which is the same idea as an advent calendar. This not only is a great arts and crafts idea, but an awesome way to teach children math. Early education students learning how to count can use this calendar to count down the days until Christmas (or holiday break)! The paper chain is super easy to make, and should be assembled after reading A Christmas Advent Story by Ivy Snow. For this craft, all you need is construction paper, tape, markers or paint, and googly eyes. Source: Pinterest

Pointillist Menorah

Celebrate the Jewish tradition of Hanukkah and educate children about this celebration also called the "Festival of Lights". Children can finger paint this Menorah using pointillism and add a candle flame at the top of each candle for each of the eight days that Hanukkah is celebrated. This is a fun craft for the whole class and can be accompanied by reading Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins by Eric Kimmel to educate children about the history behind Hanukkah. For this craft, all you need is paper and finger paint. Source: Pinterest

“Beary” Merry Christmas Ornament

This ornament gift would make someone feel “beary” merry during the Christmas season. What better way to share Christmas cheer than with this special ornament! A book that would be a great addition to this craft project is Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson. Children can read or listen to the book and then do this fun craft as part of the book activity. For this craft, all you need is basswood, string, ribbon, paint, and construction paper. Source: Pinterest

Not only are these holiday crafts ready to lead in the classroom, but you can also lead these craft activities remotely. All you need are the supplies and holiday spirit to get these activities started! For more holiday crafts and activities such as this, check out our new 5 Holiday Virtual Classroom Bulletin Boards.

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