New This Week: MakeBeliefsComix's Character Education Resources

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Our latest updates for the week of June 18, 2017.

Updated: June 9, 2019

This week on TeacherVision, we're building on the theme of social-emotional learning and character development with creative new materials courtesy of MakeBeliefsComix.

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While the resources featured today are for elementary and middle-grade students, MakeBeliefsComix provides people of all ages with materials designed to spark creativity, inspire exploration and "spur our energies to find solutions to our befuddlements." In other words, they're perfect for social-emotional learning, character education, gifted and talented learners, and special education. Get the creativity flowing in your classroom using the three items below.

Relate: Kids and Parents Trade Places

This colorful worksheet puts parents and kids in each others' shoes, and can also be used as a homework exercise designed to promote communication, empathy and relationship skills. Grades 3-8

Empathize: Imagine Losing an Ability

Use this colorful worksheet to help your students reflect on how the hypothetical loss of an ability would affect their everyday life. Ideal for use in a special education or integrated classroom, it can be used as a homework handout, an in-class activity, or as a prompt for a broader creative writing activity or group discussion. Grades 3-8

Create: The Perfect Invention

This printable can be assigned as a summer take-home activity to help keep students on top of their game, both academically and creatively. This worksheet can also be used as a homework handout, an in-class activity, or as a prompt for a creative writing activity or group discussion. Grades 3-8

About MakeBeliefsComix:

MakeBeliefsComix is for people of all ages who like to play and explore. They include, for example, those wanting a few minutes of fun; youngsters and their parents; students and teachers; business executives trying to unwind from the stress of work, and activities directors and social workers who try to help people express their deepest thoughts and feelings. [Our] intent is that you will regard this site as a safe place where you feel empowered to create and to test new ideas and ways to communicate through art and writing.

If you missed last week's new content, you can find it here.

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