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Black History Month in Canada – Teacher Resources

February is Black History Month. Explore the many contributions of Black Canadians with our cross-curricular lessons, printables, activities, and references for grades K-12. You'll find a word search, research activity, timeline, writing prompts, a bulletin board idea, and more to supplement your Canadian history or February lessons.

Black Canadian Printables

Famous Black Canadians Word Search
Challenge students to find the names of nine famous Black Canadians in this printable word search. This is a fun puzzle for Black History Month.
Why Are They Famous? Research Activity
Research the celebrated African Canadians listed in this printable. Students will learn about the accomplishments of Elijah McCoy, William Hall, Harry Winston Jerome, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Josiah Henson, Nathaniel Dett, Portia White, John Ware, Anderson Ruffin Abbott, Thornton Blackburn, and Lucy Blackburn.
Harriet Tubman: Years in Canada
After reading a biography of Harriet Tubman, children demonstrate their reading comprehension skills by answering multiple-choice questions about her life.
Milestones in the Black History of Canada
This timeline outlines milestones in Canada's black history. Dates include the suffrage of both black men and women, the first black people in government, and laws that ended slavery and discrimination.
Parliament of Canada: Matching Activity
The political figures listed in this worksheet made history when they were elected or appointed to their position in the Parliament of Canada. Ask children to match the political figures with their accomplishments in this Canadian government printable. This is a great activity for Black History Month, Women's History Month, or American-Indian Heritage Month.
Slavery Writing Prompt
Through this art activity and creative writing prompt, children consider what freedom would mean to a slave. Students imagine they are a slave dreaming of freedom. Then, they draw a picture that represents freedom and write an essay about how life would change if they were free.
The Power of the Press
Connect social studies and language arts with this writing prompt. Students will research slavery during the 1800s and write a newspaper article about it.
The Underground Railroad Matching Activity
Share the secret code of the Underground Railroad with your students. In this activity, children match the Underground Railroad terms with their meanings. This is an excellent resource for teaching students about slavery and black history.

Africa History Resources

Foods from Ghana, West Africa
Use this printable to teach children about the types of food eaten in West Africa.
Bakwele Dance Mask
Teach children how to make a Bakwele dance mask like those from the Congo with a printable sheet.
African Storytellers
Students will use the Internet to find out more about griots, or African storytellers. Their work will culminate in presentations about African culture as it is told through tales.
African Folktale Characters
Use this worksheet after reading African folktales.
Large Masks
Assign an art project that introduces African masks and celebrates diversity.
Comparing Maps of Africa
Students compare maps of Africa showing population density and climate.
Teach your students Mankala, a game from Africa.

Activities to Adapt for Black History Month

Design a T-Shirt
Children can design their own T-shirt for Black History Month, or any other occasion, with this printable. This is a fun and unique art project for kids to enjoy.
Who's in the News Bulletin Board
This bulletin board is a great way to introduce your students to current events and learn about the people who are making a difference in the world.
Hero/Heroine Writing Activity
Students cast themselves as heroes/heroines in this creative writing activity.
Triangular Trade in the Atlantic Ocean
In conjunction with a historical study of slavery, students will learn about triangular trade and use maps and a website calculator to determine distances between ports. This activity is a perfect supplement to a Black History Month (February) unit.

Black History Month Biographies

Malcolm X
Malcolm X was a contrast to Dr. King, because he took a very different approach to the civil rights movement.
Ella Fitzgerald
Learn about the life of Ella Fitzgerald, one of the greatest singers in jazz history.
Toni Morrison
Learn more about the life of contemporary novelist Toni Morrison.
Martin Luther King Jr Coloring Page
This coloring book page features a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Civil Rights leader and American icon. Use this arts & crafts activity to celebrate Martin Luther King Day or Black History Month.
Harriet Tubman's Life
Print a worksheet that presents facts about the life of Harriet Tubman, and asks children to match pictures to each fact.
Harriet Tubman Writing Activity
Distribute a printable social studies activity that focuses on recognizing people important to U.S. history.
Jackie Robinson Coloring Page
This printable coloring book page features Jackie Robinson, the legendary African-American baseball player. Use this worksheet during your Black History Month (February) curriculum.
More Popular Black History Month Biographies

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