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Go back to school with ease and enthusiasm, and with all your questions answered! Our lesson plans, printables, activities, and advice range from assisting students in learning the school's layout and taking attendance to learning names. Find icebreakers for getting to know your students' personalities, advice on seating charts and arranging the classroom, teacher time-savers, behavior management tips from veteran teachers, advice for communicating with parents, and much more.

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Top 10 Things Every Teacher Needs in the Classroom
Top 10 Educational Technology Resources
Top 10 Free (& Cheap) Rewards for Students
Top 10 Behavior Management Tips for the Classroom
Top 10 Free Field Trips
Top 10 Motivation Tips for the Classroom
Top 10 Great Books on Teaching
2016 Back-to-School Literature Guides & Activities
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Printable Worksheets & Forms

Back to School Printable Book (K-12)
Summer Learning Guides for Grades K-6: Get Ready for Back-to-School
Bubble Answer Sheet
Centimeter Ruler, Inch Ruler, and Protractor
Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs
Scantron® Sheets
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Awards & Certificates

Homework Pass
Star Performance Award
Graduation Certificate
Good News Notes
Good Citizen Award
More Awards & Certificates

The Art of Teaching

Report Card Comments & Phrases—Personality & Attitude
Report Card Comments—Academic Achievement & Improvement
This Month's Interactive Educators' Calendar
Strategies for Teaching Culturally Diverse Students
Top 10 Educational Technology Resources
More Art of Teaching Resources

BTS Lesson Plans

Similar and Different
What Am I? Icebreaker
First Day Celebration
What Is a Peaceable Classroom?
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Classroom Management

Report Cards: Advice & Suggested Comments
Teaching Methods
Classroom Forms
Bubble Answer Sheet
Awards and Certificates
Report Card Comments & Phrases—End of Year
Behavior Management Forms
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Classroom Management
The Five Senses - Kindergarten
Getting to Know You Bingo
Similar and Different
Bio Poem Handout
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Bulletin Boards

Top 20 Bulletin Boards
Cat Bulletin Board
Bulletin Boards Printables Slideshow
Make a Rainbow Bulletin Board
People Who Help Us Learn Bulletin Board
More Bulletin Boards

Teacher-Parent Collaboration

Parent-Teacher Conference Resources
Open House Resources
Parent-Teacher Conferences: Before, During, and After
Teacher-Parent Collaboration
Top 10 Teacher-Parent Collaboration Ideas
Hosting a Successful Open House
Advice for Parents
More Teacher-Parent Collaboration

Open House Resources

Positive Descriptions of Student Behavior
An Autobiographical Poem
We Care About the Earth: Writing a PSA
Parent/Teacher Relations
"From the Desk of..." Stationery
Getting Parents Involved
Help Parents Deal with Homework
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Advice for New Teachers

Top 10 End-of-Year Gifts for Students
Teaching Methods
Top 10 Educational Technology Resources
Teaching Students with Special Needs
Popular Music Lesson Plans, K-5
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Arts & Crafts Activities

Creating an Effective Physical Classroom Environment
Make a Giving Tree
Paper Making
Squiggle Drawing
More Arts & Crafts

Assessment Resources

Report Card Comments & Phrases—Language Arts & Reading
Report Card Comments & Phrases—General and Handwriting
Report Card Comments & Phrases—Math
Incident Report
Weekly Grade Sheet
Individual Activity Rubric
Portfolio Final Evaluation: Teacher Rating
More Assessment Resources

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Happy Halloween! Students love this fall holiday; take advantage of it! You'll find everything from costume patterns and printable Halloween masks to counting activities and vocabulary lessons.

2016 Presidential Elections
Election season is here! Help your students understand the process of our national elections (held on Tuesday, November 8), from the President down to local representatives, with our election activities. Read short biographies of presidential candidates Hillary Rodham Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R), explore mock election ideas, create presidential trading cards, learn election vocabulary, play election bingo and more!

October Calendar of Events
October is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum! Our Educators' Calendar outlines activities for each event, including: Chemistry Week (10/16-22), Make a Difference Day (10/22), Black Tuesday (10/29/1929), and Halloween (10/31). Plus, celebrate Bullying Prevention Month, Computer Learning Month, Diversity Awareness Month, Family History Month, Fire Prevention Month, International Dinosaur Month, Learning Disabilities Month, and School Safety Month all October long!