The Baths of Ancient Rome

Grade Levels: 6 - 8

Students take a virtual tour of the elegant baths of Caracella and learn why the baths were more than just a place to bathe for the ancient Romans.

40 minutes

Students will:

  • use vocabulary related to ancient Rome.
  • learn the history of the ancient Roman baths.
  • learn what the baths teach us about daily life in ancient Rome.
  • understand the complexity and richness of ancient Roman life.


  • Activity worksheet: The Roman Baths
  • Website: A Day at the Baths (


  • Introduce key vocabulary: aqueduct, communal, courtyard, opulent, sauna, tablet, toga, vendor.
  • Have students work individually or with partners to complete The Roman Baths activity worksheet after they explore A Day at the Baths (
  • Set up a time when students can share the information they discovered.


  • Use the Scoring Guide rubric to assess students' understanding of the baths of ancient Rome.


  • After learning about the social life of ancient Rome, have students visit the Daily Life website ( to learn about the Roman's homes and private lives.
  • Encourage students to pretend they are living in ancient Rome and write journal entries for one week, describing both their public and private daily lives. Have students read their journals aloud to the rest of the class.

  • If you need to teach it, we have it covered.

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