William Bradford's Mayflower Passenger List

Grade Levels: 6 - 12

In all there were 102 passengers, three of them pregnant, on the Mayflower's 1620 voyage to North America. The Mayflower left Southampton, England on August 5, 1620 but was delayed when its sister ship, the Speedwell, sprung a leak. After unfruitful attemps to repair the Speedwell, a decision was made to leave it behind. Many of the Speedwell passengers and much of its cargo were loaded onto the Mayflower which left Plymouth, England on September 9, 1620.

While at sea, Elizabeth Hopkins gave birth to the son, Oceanus. William Butten, a young boy, died three days before land was sighted. After a grueling journey, the passengers sighted land on November 9, 1620. Landfall was made on November 11, 1620, not in Virginia as planned, but on Cape Cod. Susanna White gave birth to a son, Peregrine ("one who journeys to foreign lands") as the Pilgrims were looking for a place to settle. Mary Allerton gave birth to a stillborn son on board the Mayflower while the first houses were being built at Plymouth.

Alden, John
Allerton, Isaac
Mary (Norris) Allerton, wife
Bartholomew Allerton, son
Remember Allerton, daughter
Mary Allerton, daughter
Allerton, John
Billington, John
Eleanor Billington, wife
John Billington, son
Francis Billington, son
Bradford, William
Dorothy (May) Bradford, wife
Brewster, William
Mary Brewster, wife
Love Brewster, son
Wrestling Brewster,
Britteridge, Richard
Browne, Peter
Button, William
Carter, Robert
Carver, John
Katherine (Leggett)(White) Carver, wife
Chilton, James
Mrs. Chilton, wife
Mary Chilton, daughter
Clarke, Richard
Cooke, Francis
John Cooke, son
Cooper, Humility
Crackstone, John
John Crackstone, son
Doty, Edward
Eaton, Francis
Sarah Eaton, wife
Samuel Eaton, son
English, Thomas
Fletcher, Moses
Fuller, Edward
Mrs. Edward Fuller,
Samuel Fuller, son
Fuller, Samuel
Gardinar, Richard
Goodman, John
Holbeck, William
Hooke, John
Hopkins, Stephen
Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins, wife
Giles Hopkins, son by first marriage
Constance Hopkins, daughter by first marriage
Damaris Hopkins, daughter
Oceanus Hopkins, born en route
Howland, John
Langmore, John
Latham, William
Leister, Edward
Margesson, Edmund
Martin, Christopher
Mary (Prower) Martin, wife
Minter, Desire
More, Ellen
Jasper More, brother
Richard More, brother
Mary More, sister
Mullins, William
Alice Mullins, wife
Priscilla Mullins, daughter
Joseph Mullins, son
Priest, Degory
Prower, Solomon
Rigsdale, John
Alice Rigsdale, wife
Rogers, Thomas
Joseph Rogers, son
Samson, Henry
Soule, George
Standish, Myles
Rose Standish, wife
Story, Elias
Thompson, Edward
Tilley, Edward
Ann (Cooper) Tilley,
Tilley, John
Joan (Hurst)(Rogers) Tilley, wife
Elizabeth Tilley, daughter
Tinker, Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Tinker, wife
boy Tinker, son
Trevore, William
Turner, John
boy Turner, son
boy Turner, son
Warren, Richard
White, William
Susanna White, wife
Resolved White, son
Wilder, Roger
Williams, Thomas
Winslow, Edward
Elizabeth (Barker) Winslow, wife
Winslow, Gilbert
Mr. Ely
Dorothy, maidservant of John Carver

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