TeacherVision's Advisory Board Members and Contributors

TeacherVision's Advisory Board and Contributors is a group of experienced educators from all over the country who share their expertise, wisdom, and resources with TeacherVision members and visitors. They create and curate new resources and blog posts, provide feedback on new content and products, and provide guidance to the TeacherVision editorial staff. Together, they make sure that when you visit TeacherVision you can always find something new, innovative, and relevant to your teaching practice.

You can learn more about each Contributor and Advisory Board Member and their expertise by reading their bios below. If you are interested in learning more about the Advisory Board or would like to apply to be an Advisory Board member and Content Contributor, reach out to the TeacherVision Editorial Team at Teachers@fen.com to share your teaching experience and content expertise. 

TeacherVision Contributor, Alex Cohill

Alex Cohill


About Alex

Alex is an Exceptional Children’s teacher, soccer coach, and aspiring children’s author. He has been teaching Special Education for ten years with the… read more about this author

Amber Gunnels

Amber Gunnels


About Amber

With over a decade’s worth of experience as an educator, a Master’s Degree in Education, and certifications in English as a Second Language and… read more about this author

Amy Gardner - TeacherVision Contributor

Amy Gardner


About Amy

With a B.A. in English Language and Literature from Smith College and as a speaker of French, Spanish, and English, Amy worked as a World Language… read more about this author

teachervision contributor anastasia duranne

Anastasia Duranne


About Anastasia

Originally from California, Anastasia Duranne (B.A., M.A.) is a mother to three young children and a 1st grade teacher at an elementary school in… read more about this author

Andrea Cartwright - TeacherVision Contributor

Andrea Cartwright


About Andrea

Andrea Cartwright (B.A., M.A.) is a 10th grade Lead Advisor and English teacher at a school in San Francisco, California. With a B.A. in Literatures… read more about this author

Anneda Nettleton, TeacherVision Contributor

Anneda Nettleton


About Anneda

Anneda Nettleton (B.Ed., M.Ed.) has been an English teacher for over 17 years at an independent K-12 school near Somerset, Kentucky. Her Bachelor’s… read more about this author

Ashley Valentine

Ashley Valentine


About Ashley

Ashley is a high school English teacher and instructional coach. Ashley has been teaching in New York State as a proud public educator since 2010.… read more about this author

candacee white, teachervision contributor

Candacee White


About Candacee

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature at Oklahoma State University, Candacee White (B.A., M.Ed.) moved to South Korea where… read more about this author

Cassandra Fletcher - TeacherVision Contributor

Cassandra Fletcher


About Cassandra

Cassandra Fletcher is an NYS-certified general and special educator, academic designer, and curriculum developer. She has a BA in Psychology, an… read more about this author

Chris Kefer, TeacherVision contributor

Chris Kefer


About Chris

Chris Kefer (B.M., M.S.) is a music educator, composer, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He has been teaching music education in public… read more about this author

TeacherVision Contributor, Christina Biasiello

Christina Biasiello


About Christina

Christina is an educator with over 15 years of experience working with students from pre-K through to high school, with expertise in teaching… read more about this author

Christopher Kenny, TeacherVision Contributor

Christopher Kenny


About Christopher

Christopher Kenny (B.S., M.Ed.) is a teacher based in Ohio with a B.S. in Mathematics. After working as a Mathematics tutor, Teacher’s Aid,… read more about this author

Connor Siegel, TeacherVision Contributor

Connor Siegel


About Connor

Connor Siegel (B.A., M.Ed.) has been a 6th Grade Math teacher for over 5 years, and is also currently serving as the Lead Administrator for… read more about this author

Crystalee Calderwood

Crystalee Calderwood


About Crystalee

Crystalee Calderwood (B.A., MFA, M.Ed.) has 20 years of teaching experience, having worked in a variety of settings, primarily as a high-school… read more about this author

Dan Lewer

Dan Lewer


About Dan

Dan is a teacher, author, and the owner of History For Humans, which creates resources, curriculum, and courses for history teachers. Dan taught at a… read more about this author

Danielle Rudden, TeacherVision Contributor

Danielle Rudden


About Danielle

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, Danielle Rudden (B.A., M.A.) has worked… read more about this author

Darcy Mueller, TeacherVision Contributor

Darcy Mueller


About Darcy

Darcy Mueller (B.Sc., M.Ed.) has degrees in both Aircraft Maintenance and Secondary Education. Over the last 20 years Darcy has combined the two… read more about this author

Dr. Karla Bester - TeacherVision Contributor

Dr. Karla Bester

About Karla

Dr. Karla Bester is a Director of Programs for an educational company, where she works with administrators, instructional support leaders, coaches,… read more about this author

Dwayne Vega, TeacherVision Contributor

Dwayne Vega


About Dwayne

Whilst serving as a soldier in the US Army, Dwayne Vega (B.A., M.Ed,. M.A.) completed a Bachelor’s Degree in English, before going on to attain a… read more about this author

Haley Horton author profile headshot

Haley Horton

Digital Content Manager & Editor

About Haley

A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Haley now resides in England where she obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Literature. She is an… read more about this author

Heather Aulisio, TeacherVision Contributor

Heather Aulisio


About Heather

Heather Aulisio (B.S., M.S. Ed.) is a 5th grade math and science teacher. She has been teaching in a public school setting for 19 years. Heather… read more about this author

Heather Schultz - TeacherVision Contributor

Heather Schultz


About Heather 

Heather Schultz (M.Ed.) is a teacher, curriculum developer, sensory learning expert, and small business owner. Heather has spent the last 8 years… read more about this author

Jenna Baldwin

Jenna Baldwin


Jenna Baldwin is a high school English teacher of 8 years, a lifelong student, and TeacherVision contributor.

Jenny Vanderberg Shannon

Jenny Vanderberg Shannon


About Jenny

Jenny Vanderberg Shannon is a former education professional with 10+ years of classroom and leadership experience, with a B.A. in English, and an M.A… read more about this author

Jessica Peresta, TeacherVision Contributor

Jessica Peresta


About Jessica

Jessica Peresta graduated with her Bachelor's of Music Education in 2004 and earned the top music educator award. She went on to build a music… read more about this author

Jill Webb, TeacherVision Contributor

Jill Webb


About Jill

Jill Webb (B.A., M.A., M.S.) is a freelance writer based in Pennsylvania. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History, alongside Master’s Degrees in… read more about this author

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