Elisa Cinelli

Parenting Writer & Child Behavior Expert

Elisa is a well-known parenting writer. She is an expert on child behavior and certified in Positive Discipline.

A bookworm from an early age, Elisa has always sought to grow her knowledge on topics that interest her. Through a combination of self-study and college classes, Elisa has developed her expertise in Genetics and Linguistics, among other subjects.

Elisa taught elementary school several years before having her first child. Early in her teaching career, she conducted field research on children with challenging behavior problems. She later led teacher trainings based on her research. She spent the second half of her teaching career working with gifted children.

Currently, Elisa writes for POPSUGAR, San Francisco Moms Blog, Moms.com, and here on FamilyEducation.

Elisa Cinelli, Parenting Writer
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