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    Top 15 Pieces of Advice from Veteran Teachers

    Enjoy reading the wisdom of experienced teachers on how to become an effective, caring teacher. Our ... read more

    Top 10 Classroom Organization Tips

    Being well-organized will help save you precious time and energy. Here are our Top 10 creative organ... read more

    Discipline Must Be Logical: Teaching Advice

    In this excerpt from Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire, Rafe Esquith discusses discipline and how punis... read more

    Replace Fear with Trust: Teaching Advice

    In this excerpt from Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire, Rafe Esquith explains how to establish a sense ... read more

    Gimme Some Truth: Teaching Advice

    This excerpt from Rafe Esquith's Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire will instruct you on how to create a... read more

    Fire in the Classroom: Teaching Advice

    This excerpt from Teach Like Your Hair's on Fire will introduce you to Rafe Esquith and his advice o... read more

    Hosting a Successful Open House

    Your students' parents are powerful allies and can make your job much more manageable. Learn some ti... read more

    Tips for Achieving and Maintaining Discipline

    There are certain steps you can take to ensure that your students are disciplined and behave in an a... read more

    Time Management Tips for Teachers

    This advice will help you prioritize basic classroom tasks so that you can spend more time teaching ... read more

    Too Many Tasks, Not Enough Day

    If you feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks you have to do each day in the classroom, read these ... read more

    First Day at the Secondary Level

    Get ready for your first day teaching at the secondary level with these tips on everything from outl... read more

    Routines and Schedules

    Set up a routine for your classroom procedure on the first day. Your students will feel organized an... read more

    Student Orientation

    Learn some general rules about what makes a great teacher. This advice is especially useful for back-to-school and new teachers. read more

    Classroom Management & Success as a Teacher

    These classroom management basics will help you reach your goal of becoming a successful teacher. Us... read more

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