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Addition & Subtraction Teacher Resources

Addition and subtraction are two of the fundamental operations in math. Make sure that your students perfect their arithmetic skills with these printables, lesson plans, activities, graphic organizers, and free worksheets. We have daily warm-ups, holiday-themed activities, regrouping exercises, single- and multiple-digit problems, number line printables, and plenty of other fun and educational resources for your students to enjoy.

Addition Printables, Kindergarten

Addition & Subtraction Lessons & Worksheets (K-5)
Curious George Arithmetic - Addition & Subtraction
Addition & Subtraction Printable Book (K-4)
Missing Parts to Seven
Curious About Counting?
Addition and Subtraction (0-10)
Curious About Math?
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Addition Printables, 1st Grade

Addition Basic Facts Chart
Write a Number Sentence (Gr. 1)
Math Warm-Up 171 for Gr. 1 & 2: Graphs, Data & Probability
Number Line Train
10 More or 10 Less
Hidden Facts -- Addition and Subtraction
Telling Time: Patterns in Time (Gr. 1)
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Addition Printables, 2nd Grade

Multiple Step Problems (Gr. 2)
Shapes: Patterns in Geometry (Gr. 2)
Turnaround Facts (Gr. 2)
Magic Triangle Logic
Bar Graphs
Hands-On Pumpkin Science
Missing Addends (Gr. 2)
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Addition Printables, 3rd Grade

Math/Art Pattern #2
Numbers That Tell About Me
Addition: Critical Thinking (Gr. 3)
Math Warm-Up 168 for Gr. 3 & 4: Graphs, Data & Probability
Exploring Additions Patterns: Worksheets
Exploring Algebra: Missing Numbers (Gr. 3)
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems II
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Addition Printables, 4th Grade

Australian Football Maths Activity
Adding Multi-Digit Numbers
Magic Squares - Critical Thinking
Addition and Subtraction: Decision Making (Gr. 4)
Writing Equivalent Number Sentences
Exploring Algebra: Balancing Number Sentences (Gr. 4)
Hey There, Stink Bug! Activity Guide
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Addition Printables, 5th & 6th Grades

Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers (Gr. 5)
Estimating Sums and Differences
Math Warm-Up 7 for Gr. 5 & 6: Numbers and Numeration
Adding and Subtracting Fractions: Critical Thinking (Gr. 6)
Estimating Sums and Differences (Gr. 5)
Calendar Math
Adding and Subtracting Decimals
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Addition & Subtraction Lesson Plans

Exploring Addition Patterns
Addition Robbery
M&M Math
Circus Addition
Circus Contest
Hunt for the Black Cats
Comparative Subtraction
More Addition & Subtraction Lesson Plans

Holiday and Seasonal Activities

Ordinal Numbers and The Calendar (Gr. 3)
Help the Music Monster
Happy Jack-o'-Lanterns
Colorful Column Addition Turkey
Add 'Em Up for Santa
Decorate a Tree
Buffy the Bar-BQ Bunny
More Holiday & Seasonal Activities

Science, Addition, & Subtraction Connected

Science and Math: Addition Stories
Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers (Gr. 3)
Exploring Estimating Differences (Gr. 3)
Reading a Thermometer
Science Skill: Collecting Data
Porcupine Quills
Seed Package Math
More Addition & Subtraction Science Activities

Reading & Language Arts Activities

Numerical Prefixes
Sir Cumference and the First Round Table Activities
Curious George: Ding-a-ling-a-ling!
Domino Addition Game of Human Dominoes
Dealing with Addition Card Games
It All Adds Up
Addition and Subtraction

Subtraction Printables, Kindergarten

Patterns in Numbers: Explore Addition and Subtraction
Explore Addition and Subtraction: Critical Thinking
Explore Addition and Subtraction: Patterns
Explore Addition and Subtraction: Decision Making
Explore Actions with Numbers: Critical Thinking
Family Activities: More Adding and Subtracting
Family Activities: Add and Subtract Two-Digit Numbers
More Popular Subtraction Printables

Subtraction Printables, 1st Grade

Subtraction Basic Facts Chart
Help Subtract Fires
Addition and Subtraction Readiness: Draw a Picture (Gr. 1)
Numbers to 12: Critical Thinking (Gr. 1)
Two-Digit Math: Critical Thinking (Gr. 1)
Subtraction Problems
Math Warm-Up 73 for Gr. 1 & 2: Operations
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Subtraction Printables, 2nd Grade

The Shoe
Relate Addition and Subtraction (Gr. 2), Part 1
Addition and Subtraction Concepts: Critical Thinking (Gr. 2)
Fact Families (Gr. 2)
Money Word Problems I
Add or Subtract?
Use Addition to Check Subtraction (Gr. 2)
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Subtraction Printables, 3rd Grade

Subtracting Across Zero (Gr. 3)
Subtraction: Mental Math (Gr. 3)
Multiple-Digit Addition & Subtraction
2-Digit Subtraction II
Exploring Subtracting on a Hundred Chart (Gr. 3)
Exploring Adding and Subtracting Decimals (Gr. 3)
Exploring Subtracting Three-Digit Numbers (Gr. 3)
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Subtraction Printables, 4th, 5th, and 6th Grades

Numerical Patterns
Subtracting & Simplifying Fractions I
Exploring Addition and Subtraction Patterns (Gr. 4)
Subtracting with Middle Zeros (Gr. 4)
Subtracting Fractions (Gr. 4)
Exploring Adding and Subtracting on a Thousand Chart (Gr. 4)
Patterns in Numbers: Counting Patterns (Gr. 5)
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Addition & Subtraction Printables, Grades 7-12

Quadratic Functions and Transformations, Set 1
Restaurant Menu Math
Target a Number
Number Grids
Quadratic Equations, Set 1
Counting and Probability, Set 1
Quadratic Equations, Set 2
More Addition & Subtraction Printables

Addition & Subtraction Resources

Math and Recipes Worksheet
Blank Addition Basic Facts Chart
Ten Frames for Addition
Double Ten Frame
Common Mathematical Formulas
Prime Numbers Between 1 and 1,000
Roman Numerals Chart

Addition & Subtraction Quizzes

Addition Adventure Quiz
Valentine's Day Math Quiz
Winter Word Problems Quiz

Social Studies, Addition, & Subtraction Connected

Fourth Grade Community Project: Going to the Museum
Column Addition (Gr. 4)
Bunny Hop
The Revolutionary Army

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