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These printable activities are a perfect way for students to practice arithmetic at home and in the classroom. All of these activities and many more are included in our printable book "Addition & Subtractions Lessons & Worksheets."
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Updated on: August 14, 2008
Practice addition and subtraction with the math problems in this printable. Children will enjoy completing these number sentences featuring Curious George.
In this activity, students explore subtraction by solving math problems.
Extend and enhance the fun math activities in Domino Addition with this game of human dominoes.
Two sets of subtraction problems using numbers through 12 and 18.
Students use critical thinking skills to make magic squares.
Develop addition skills with this Curious George math activity.
Students determine the missing addends in word problems.
Read about the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II, and explore the related activities.
Improve your students' math skills with these fun card games on addition and subtraction. These activities supplement the introduction to playing cards in Dealing with Addition.

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