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    Making 10

    Students are asked to complete a series of word problems that require making different combinations of tens. read more


    Students are asked a data analysis problem that requires adding a long number string. They are encou... read more

    Think About It!

    Students are asked what approach they would use to solve a word problem based on combining sets of crows. read more

    Related Problems

    Students are given two story problems to solve. They must focus on keywords in order to determine which operation to use to find the answer. read more

    Can You Do It?

    Students are asked to practice finding different combinations of three numbers to make the given sum. read more

    Important Strategies

    Students are asked to make longer number problems simpler by finding groups of numbers that go toget... read more

    It's ... Pocket Time!

    Students are asked to solve a data analysis problem by finding groups of number combinations that are easier to work with. read more

    The 100 Chart

    Students are asked to fill in the missing numbers of a chart. Once the numbers are entered, they are asked to recognize the pattern. read more

    Give Me 20!

    Students are asked to find different number combinations to make 20, using either addition or subtra... read more

    Ways to Make 10

    In this worksheet, students are asked to make the number 10 using as many different number combinations as they can think of. read more

    The 200 Chart

    Students must fill in the missing numbers on a grid. Various numbers in the sequence are provided. read more

    The Doubles Pot, Part 2

    Students are asked to complete a doubling riddle with either the number that goes into the pot or th... read more

    Ways to Get to 12

    Teach students addition to make the number 12. Students create equations using various combinations of four different numbers. read more

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