Planning for Success: Teaching Students with ADD

Children with attention deficit disorder have learning characteristics and needs as diverse as those of other children in your classroom. As such, no single educational setting, practice, or plan can be uniformly prescribed for these children. Students with attention deficit disorder vary in their characteristics and needs, and schools vary in their access to resources. Plans should, at a minimum, identify students' characteristics and special learning needs and provide sound ideas for strengthening their academic and social performance.

In your planning, stress short- and long-term goals rather than "quick fix" ideas and "tear down the door" methods. Many districts have found that planning results in more effective practice, when teaching strategies and interventions are linked to desired behavioral goals.

Planning can also be enhanced when it is done as a team effort. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida parents, teachers, and support professionals prepare district accommodation plans for students who are being considered for Section 504 services. These plans contain specific modifications that need to be made, if any, in the physical arrangement of the classroom, lesson presentation, work assignments, test-taking methods, and the classroom management system. The plans specify who will make which accommodations, and in what time frame.

Excerpted from Teaching Strategies: Education of Children with Attention Deficit Disorder.

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