Cut and Paste Label Art

Save those old soup labels and other scraps, and get ready to make a great piece of art.
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Cut and Paste Label Art

iMagstn.gifAge: Three and up
Time: An hour or more
Type of Activity: Arts and crafts

Materials needed:

  • Sobo glue, Elmers, or paste
  • Labels, stamps, gift wrap images, old letters, newspapers, or thin cards
  • Mod Podge
  • 1" wide paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Dull knife
  • An object to cover like a small box, old hardbound book, canvas

Step One: Save and collect labels and papers to decorate with. The key is that these papers should be thin, not thick in texture.

Step Two: Choose an object that you want to cover. A piece of cardboard, a small box, an old book, or an artist's canvas are good for beginners.

Step Three: Prepare your papers that you will be covering with. Tear the edges rather than cutting them to make a border. This will give an appearance of age.

Step Four: Paste the images, overlapping them and covering the surface of your object. Don't worry if the edges are ragged, have small holes, or tear.

Step Five: Keep layering and be sure to eliminate all the air bubbles as the paste dries (use a tongue depressor or the flat edge of a dull knife for this).

Step Six: Let the "decoupage" dry completely.

Step Seven: With Mod Podge brush the entire area; build up several layers. Voila! You now have an old fashioned cut and paste decoupage to give or keep.

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