1972 Ice Hockey: Team Canada vs. USSR

Review hockey scores and statistics from 1972, when Team Canada defeated the Soviet National Team. This article includes enrichment activities for your classroom.
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Enrichment Ideas:

Have students research the hockey rivalry between Canada and the Soviet Union. Discuss how this rivalry led to the founding of Canada's National Team and the significance of the 1972 series between Canada and the USSR. Ask students to write an opinion paper about which country they think dominated the rivalry. Students should use statistics to back up their argument.


NHL All-Stars vs Soviet National Team.
Date City Result Goaltenders
9/2 Montreal USSR, 7-3 Tretiak/Dryden
9/4 Toronto Canada, 4-1 Esposito/Tretiak
9/6 Winnipeg Tie, 4-4 Tretiak/Esposito
9/8 Vancouver USSR, 5-3 Tretiak/Dryden
9/22 Moscow USSR, 5-4 Tretiak/Esposito
9/24 Moscow Canada, 3-2 Dryden/Tretiak
9/26 Moscow Canada, 4-3 Esposito/Tretiak
9/28 Moscow Canada, 6-5 Dryden/Tretiak


 W L T Pts GF GA
Team Canada (NHL) 4 3 1 9 32 32
Soviet Union 3 4 1 7 32 32

Leading Scorers

1. Phil Esposito, Canada, (7-6-13); 2. Aleksandr Yakushev, USSR (7-4-11); 3. Paul Henderson, Canada (7-2-9); 4. Boris Shadrin, USSR (3-5-8); 5. Valeri Kharlamov, USSR (3-4-7) and Vladimir Petrov, USSR (3-4-7); 7. Bobby Clarke, Canada (2-4-6) and Yuri Liapkin, USSR (1-5-6).
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